Pentra-Protective™ Coating (PPC)
Industrial Topcoat Finish
and Surface Hardener

Pentra™-Protective Coating (PPC) is a Hybrid Inorganic / Organic Nano-Lithium® Topcoat Finish & Surface Hardener. This high solid, high performance quick drying, breathable coating is designed for use as both an interior and/or exterior industrial applications and comes in standard colors – white, gray and green. The unique treatment is extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per liter), environmentally friendly (Green Leaf and can qualify for LEED points) and has a very low polymer odor. The topcoat and surface hardener is an ideal solution for new construction and maintenance projects that require superior protection against abrasion, corrosion, chemical abuse and easy re-coatability. Pentra™-Protective Coating (PPC) offers exceptional durability and bond strength is highly resistant to solvents and petroleumbased materials and is easy to repair and maintain - a versatile alternative to epoxies and polyurethanes.

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