Pentra-Paint™ (LM)
Safety and Traffic Marking Paint

Pentra-Paint™ (LM) is a Hybrid Inorganic / Organic Nano-Lithium® Safety & Traffic Marking Paint. This high solids, high performance lithium-silicate waterbased formulation is designed for use as traffic and lane marker paint for concrete, asphalt and masonry. It is available in white, yellow, black and gray. This unique chemistry is extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per liter), environmentally friendly and has a very low polymer/ ammonia odor.

Pentra-Paint™ (LM) is ideal for marking interior and exterior curbing and lanes on driveways, sidewalks, factory floors, and parking lots and can also be used as a coating over larger areas. It conforms to TT-P-1952D Type I (normal conditions) & Type II (adverse conditions), as well as most state specifications. For use on concrete, asphalt, terrazzo, stone, and masonry substrates.

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