Concrete Surface Hardening Densifier with Anti-scale and Freeze-thaw Protection

Pentra-Shield™ is a clear, penetrating, breathable, surface-applied liquid that strengthens, protects and hardens concrete and masonry surfaces. Pentra- Shield™ Anti-scale treatment helps protect concrete sidewalks, driveways and other concrete and masonry surfaces from freeze-thaw damage caused by moisture saturation within the pore structure of substrates. Scaling begins with the first freeze-thaw cycle and will continue through successive winter seasons resulting in repeated loss of the concrete surface, eventually leading to spalling, pop-outs and ultimately failure if left untreated.

Surfaces protected with Pentra-Shield™ have unique protective benefits that include increased strength and durability, reduced the porosity and increased hydrophobic characteristics which provide protection against alkaline degradation, water intrusion and salt brine crystallization (sub-florescence). It may be applied on both newly placed concrete and existing concrete to protect it against damage from the elements.

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