Pentra-Sil® (AC)
Alkalinity Control Formula and Primer

Pentra-Sil® (AC) Advanced Lithium Alkalinity Control Formula Primer is specifically designed for use on sweating or efflorescing floors as a pretreatment for Pentra-Sil. The unique treatment will neutralize substrate surfaces suffering from alkalinity problems. It reduces sweating of the concrete surface, neutralizes surfaces treated with sodium or potassium silicates and reduces vapor drive that carries the alkaline salts to the surface of the concrete. High pH levels at the surface of concrete can attract moisture as Mother Nature acts to equalize an existing pH imbalance by drawing moisture from the concrete slab towards the surface or from the air above the slab. Reduction of this phenomenon has been seen through the use of Pentra-Sil® (AC) and Pentra-Sil® (C&N). It is aggressively worked into the pre-cleaned surface where it is allowed to penetrate deep into the substrate to control surface alkalinity.

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