The Power of Partnerships

Together, CONVERGENT has been working with ADVAN, DOW CORNING, and FMC to formulate science-driven technology platforms using engineered unique catalysts, silicon chemistries, and reactive lithium poly-silicates which are used in formulating performance concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers. ADVAN is the exclusive producer of Nano-Lithium® (NL) Poly-silicates worldwide. This alignment and vertical integration allows for our material sciences to be fully combined into a manufacturing process with shared research and supply capabilities into single source innovative solution for the concrete industry as well as system solutions.

Pentra-SIL® (HD+C) PENTRA-SIL® (H) PENTRA-SIL® (HD) Pentra-Sil® (HDS) Pentra-Sil® (244+) Pentra-Sil® (IH) Pentra-Pell™ (SI) Pentra-Finish® (HG) Pentra-Finish® (LG) Pentra-Guard® (EXT) Pentra-Sil® (C&N) Pentra-Sil® (AC) Shield Pentra-Melt™ Pentra-Paint™ (LM) Pentra-Protective™ Coating (PPC) Pentra-Clean™ (DC) Pentra-Clean™ (CR) Pentra (PCF)