Pentra-Sil® (IH))
Impregnating Hardener for Terrazzo,
Stone and Polished Concrete

Pentra-Sil® (IH) impregnating hardener is a penetrating Nano-Lithium® treatment for terrazzo, stone, and polished concrete surfaces formulated specifically for surfaces that will be ground and polished. Pentra-Sil® (IH) is ideal for restoring and polishing worn and damaged surfaces. This environmentally friendly treatment also reduces alkalinity (efflorescence), improves overall abrasion resistance and reduces dusting. Its deep-penetrating, non-soluble characteristics provide longer life and higher reflectivity, helping reduce floor maintenance cost.

Used during the production (grinding and polishing) of concrete or terrazzo surfaces Pentra-Sil® (IH) is designed to enhance the process, making it easier to re-profile as well as reduce costly wear and damage to diamond abrasives. When properly installed, Pentra-Sil® (IH) will not leave surface bloom (whitish film or residual deposits) that are difficult to remove. Simple application requires only one treatment, with no brooming or rinsing (compared to Sodium or Potassium chemistry which requires multiple coats, brooming, rinsing, and hazardous rinsewater disposal). Pentra-Sil® (IH) will not contribute to alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) and Pentra-Sil® (IH) inhibits alkali salts (efflorescence) and sweating in concrete/ terrazzo surfaces.

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