CONVERGENT CONCRETE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC. is a specialty chemical company that specializes in manufacturing chemical concrete treatments such as hardeners, sealers and densifiers. CONVERGENT is the global leader in silicon-based lithium technologies for concrete floors and is partnered with ADVAN CHEMIE and DOW CORNING.

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, the company has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Belgium, as well as partner distribution centers in multiple locations across the U.S. and abroad.

Pentra-SIL® (HD+C) PENTRA-SIL® (H) PENTRA-SIL® (HD) Pentra-Sil® (HDS) Pentra-Sil® (244+) Pentra-Sil® (IH) Pentra-Pell™ (SI) Pentra-Finish® (HG) Pentra-Finish® (LG) Pentra-Guard® (EXT) Pentra-Sil® (C&N) Pentra-Sil® (AC) Shield Pentra-Melt™ Pentra-Paint™ (LM) Pentra-Protective™ Coating (PPC) Pentra-Clean™ (DC) Pentra-Clean™ (CR) Pentra (PCF)