Pentra-Clean (CR) Cleaner Restorer

Cleaning floors has never been easier! This powerful, easy-to-use cleaner restores gloss and durability to floors while also washing away grime, dirt, and any other undesirable materials. This economical product will reduce the amount of labor required in the clean- ing process, as well as extend the life of the floor. Formulated to work through an auto- scrubber, this product helps remove layers of grime and stubborn soils while simultane- ously restoring the top layer of the finish. Ideal for cleaning commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional concrete floors, as well as terrazzo and vinyl surfaces.

PDF Data Sheets
Pentra-Cure (PW) Pentra-Sil (HD+C) Pentra-Sil (H) Pentra-Sil (NL) Pentra-Sil (HDS) Pentra-Sil 244+ Pentra-Sil (IH) Pentra-Guard (HP) Pentra-Guard (HPS) Pentra-Finish (LG) Pentra-Finish (HG) Pentra-Guard (EXT) Pentra-Sil (AC) Pentra-Sil (C&N) Pentra-Shield Pentra-Melt Pentra-Paint (LM) Pentra-Color Hard (PCH) Pentra-Protective Coating (PPC) Pentra-Protective Stain (PPS/HG) Pentra-Color Pentra-Guard (HPM) Pentra-Clean (DC) Pentra-Clean (CR) Pentra-Clean (HPC) Pentra-Sil (PCF)